Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cycling with the Moon

Many of you are already familiar with the nomadic tradition of the "Red Tent" or "Moon Lodge" when women gather during their "moon", or menses, to support each other . The connection between women and moon is so powerful, both physiologically and metaphorically.

Everything that flows has rhythm. Music has rhythm, walking has rhythm, waves have rhythm, the planets have rhythm, etc. The moon's rhythms control Earth's water rhythms. She ebbs and flows just as we do. The tides, weather, plant and animal growth, and female reproductive cycles are all of her influence.
The Mayan calendar is comprised of 13 lunar months of 28 day cycles, just as a woman's cycle averages 28 days. This Lunar calendar made way for the Roman Solar calendar used by most Western communities until recently when we changed to the Gregorian calendar, which ranges between 28-31 days.
This makes it difficult for our moon cycle to fit neatly with our tracking system, and causes difficulties staying connected- ESPECIALLY if we live in a busy, flourescent-lit city. The more connected you are to your true lunar cycle, the more harmonious your menstrual cycle will be (ie, less cramping and PMS, more fertility and consciousness).

Artemis- goddess of the moon, fertility, forests and hills. Associated with the waxing moon, she is the goddess of all things living and wild. She depicts the archer, the huntress, thus the bow and arrow.

So how do we become more connected to our Moon?

***KEEP TRACK of your cycles. Put it in your calendar. Get a calendar with the moon cycles pictured in it. I LOVE We'Moon calendars and products.

***Celebrate with your fellow girlfriends for a Red Tent/Moon least biannually, if not at every full or new moon. Go camping. Get to the beach. My closest and dearest goddess friends get a bunch of yurts at the coast and embrace our womanhood. We have our next planned for April's full moon. It is necessary to bring ourselves together and celebrate our comradery, our blessings, our beautiful abilities!

Miss Julie firedancing under the Full Libra Moon

***Go to bed and wake up at the same time every night. By keeping our circadian clocks in check, we are more able to regulate our hormones. Again, our cycles are all connected!

***SEED CYCLE! By consuming seeds that support the natural hormonal shifts in your body, you will be able to harmonize and balance them in a natural, safe and delicious way. Here's how you do it....

  1. Eat PUMPKIN and FLAX seeds day 1 (first day of menstruation, the NEW moon) through day 14 (ovulation, FULL moon). This supports the ESTROGEN dominant time of your cycle. Grind them up in a coffee grinder for about 3-4 days worth and keep them in the fridge. Add to salads, yogurt, smoothies, apple sauce, etc.
  2. Eat SESAME and SUNFLOWER seeds days 15-28 in the same manner as above. These seeds support the PROGESTERONE peaks of your cycle.

Remember, BALANCING hormones = HAPPY minds and bodies
Thank your moon, meditate with your moon, be your moon. Cycle happy!


  1. this seed bit is way interesting to me - thanks for the tip. my hormones are whack due to lyme disease and i need some serious hormone support. i will choose my seeds accordingly :)

  2. Yes! Thank you for this...I keep slacking, but wanna get back on track!

  3. I am using seeds to support my hormonal cycle and it's amazing how much better I feel. I am wondering how this would work for my moody pre-teen daughter who hasn't yet started her cycles, or for friends who are nearing and/or going through menopause.

  4. I've been reading and working on this subject for a long time. Happy to see this post now, thank you! :) You explained it very well.

    Do you know any extra source for me to explore about cycling with the moon?