Thursday, November 12, 2009


Feel a little "under the weather"? Did you wake up with a scratchy throat or the stuffies?
Warming socks
Hydrotherapy is one of the greatest tools you can use in your own home for nearly any illness. Warming socks is an easy, cost-effective way of stimulating your body's immune system and bringing about relaxation as you drift to sleep. It works for all congestion such as in sinuses, ears, nose, and lungs, and it is great for inflammation anywhere in the body. Applying a cool compress to the feet stimulates circulation and enhances immunity. White Blood Cells flood the infection more effectively and you are able to kick the bug much faster. AND you will find yourself falling asleep and staying asleep more peacefully.
Use warming socks at first sign of illness or during migraine. They can be used at any time, however, if you just need an immune boost:)
This form of hydrotherapy is wonderful to use with your children. Their vitality is much stronger than adults' and they respond quickly. I know quite a few babies and toddlers that look forward to their warming socks...and even ask for them!
  1. Grab a pair of wool and pair of cotton socks
  2. Soak cotton socks in cold water, wring out well.
  3. Put on cold, wet socks and cover with wool socks
  4. Jump into bed, quickly! Cover up and get warm
  5. Feel the effects instantly. Your blood will pump throughout the body with much vitality. Take deep 10-20 deep belly breaths for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Do this every night until symptoms are relieved or forever if you just love it.

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