Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chakras: The Vortex of Consciousness, Part 1

Ever hear of your "Third Eye"? Wonder what it really means? Well the 3rd eye is considered one of seven chakras. Chakras are energy centers, functioning as pumps or valves, aligning hte nervous system and vitalizing the body to bring about consciousness. They work on a very physical level, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual.

The name "Chakra" means wheel or vortex named for their spinning pattern; they are constantly spinning due to opposing vertical currents. The upward current, that of liberation, directs energy from the earth up through the chakras extending into the spiritual energies. The downward current moves energy through the crown down to the root and earth, thus manifesting and physically functioning.

The colors represented at the left are the spinning chakras.
1- RED: Root Chakra, Earth. Grounding, helps us to fight and survive in the world.
2- ORANGE: Sacral/Spleen, Water. Flexibility, fluidity, sensuality, creativity.
3- YELLOW: Solar Plexus, Fire. Connection with others, understanding of the world. Self-awareness, self-esteem.
4- GREEN: Heart Chakra, Air. Selflessness, compassion, love.
5- BLUE: Throat Charka, Ether, Sound. Honesty, expression of feelings, taking responsibility.
6- PURPLE: Brow Chakra, Third Eye. Understanding, detachment, open mind, intuition.
7- WHITE: Crown Chakra. Consciousness, spirituality, living NOW, identity.
So what does it all MEAN?
Wanna elevate your consciousness? I bet you think that is just some hippie-guru way of saying "be cool, man." Welllllll, it is..and not. Consciousness is more than being "awake." It is owning the moment, but also letting go. Caring so much that you couldn't care less. Being so much in the moment that no words can describe the bliss you feel because all the synchronicity of energetic patterns. Ok. Lamens. You'll feel good, look good, and everyone will like you.
When you work on aligning your chakras, be it in yoga, running, prayer/meditation, with crystals, aromatherapy, craniosacral work, etc, you become more one with your body. Your mental, emotional, and physical bodies merge and you feel great! Not only is it invigorating, but you feel more connected, with increased mental stamina and clarity, intuition, optimism, and gratitude.
Now that sounds all nice and pleasant, right? Just imagine if we were all consciously working on wholeness. If only we were all focused on centering, grounding, growing, and expanding with a goal of complete consciousness and balance.
Throw me some questions. This blog is one of many that I will delve into in the next few weeks. A lot of my practice is building on the principles of energetic medicine. I want to have some groundwork on this area before I get into the fun meat and potatas of my modalities, such as Cranio-sacral Technique.

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