Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rock & Wellness

Rose Quartz
Everything has healing power, as everything has energetic patterns and vibrations. Not everything has to be taken internally to have therapeutic effects. Just holding onto a plant or rock can make a world of difference.

I've become so intrigued and entertained by gemstone therapy. One of my favorite things to do is rockhound, be it at the river, in the desert or on the beach. It is such a grounding activity and the payoff is beautiful and free:) As a pretty flighty person, I need this grounding and solidity for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. My house is covered in rocks, crystals and gems found in the last few years.

Last summer, Kris and I made a road trip from Portland, OR back home to Wisconsin. On the way back we stopped in South Dakota in the Badlands and near Mt Rushmore. We could not BELIEVE the abundance of crystals we found, mostly being quartz and citrine. Rose quartz is SD's state rock, but that doesn't even begin to explain how much there is. Just from our campsite alone we nearly filled our car with huge crystals.

All crystals have specific qualities that can bring about healing. You can either keep the rock close to you, hold it, meditate with it or just look at it. A great route to go is to wear the crystal as a pendant or polished/beaded in jewelry. I am currently working with the Rhodochrosite for developing inner freedom. An excellent book to start with is "Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit" by Michael Katz.

Rose Quartz: all encompassing love, compassion and healing
Citrine: mental clarity, happiness, confidence, will power
Amethyst: all around cleansing- healing of mind, body and spirit
Bloodstone: overcoming obstacles, calming fears
Carnelian: warding off negative thoughts, jealousy, encourages bravery
Flourite: filtering emotions from thoughts rationally, inspires higher self-awareness
Jade: longevity, maintain health and well being
Agate: grounding, beginnings, root chakra
Malachite: heals emotions, enables better sleep
Onyx: protection, grounding, energy shield, meditation

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  1. I've felt really drawn to my chunks of amethyst and rose quartz lately, and have been wearing my amethysts around. it just feels right. i come from a family rock hounds, we pick them up all over the place and keep them with us. :)