Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Forget to Brush Your Skin!

The integumentary system, or the skin, is the largest organ in our bodies. So why not give it all the love and attention it deserves? As it is a power-sponge, skin absorbs whatever is smeared on it; yet we forget this when we apply deoderents, make-up and lotions containing heavy metals such as Aluminum and Arsenic.

While being a potent eliminator in the body, the skin can be clogged with wastes and dead skin leading to toxicity. By dry skin brushing before showering, you will promote the lymph (immune) system to release toxins and wastes assisting in drainage, tightening the skin and toning muscles. The skin forms a new layer every day, so skin brushing removes old, dead layers leading to softer, smoother, healthier glowing skin and more efficient detoxification.

Be sure to start gently using firm long upward strokes from the fingers and toes toward the heart and counter-clockwise strokes around the abdomen. Loofa sponges, a dry towel or natural fiber brushes work great!


  1. Dude, I just skin brushed this morning, seriously, it is my favorite way to start the day. HOORAY FOR SKIN BRUSHIN'!

  2. Alicia, What brush would you suggest? Just found your blog and am thrilled to be here! Thanks for sharing it all!

  3. a bristle brush is ideal. some people use loofas but using a brush as shown above is more effective for exfoliation. and just to reiterate- do this BEFORE showering on DRY skin :)