Monday, May 10, 2010

Go Organic AND Local AND Lazy

I have been known to be a pretty lazy person when I want to be. Usually this does not apply to grocery shopping because it is my favorite thing to do. I always speed-walk the perimeter of the store then walk up and down every single aisle even if I only need a garlic bulb or bullion.

So why would I defeat my pleasures with produce delivery?

Because I go through so stinkin much!!! I enjoy shopping, but NOT EVERY DAY. And I really need to stop buying the same things every time I go to the store. The beauty of having a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivery is that I don't have to think while at the store. I simply write down what I receive and think of how to use it all efficiently. What a way to force yourself to eat your veggies, no?

The other obvious benefits of a CSA box:

  • Super fresh food straight from the farmer
  • Certified Organic
  • Supporting Local
  • Cheaper (if you are good about using all of your produce)
  • You can usually receive more than fruits and veggies!! Organic, Cage-Free eggs, good organic meats, herbs, etc, OH MY!
  • Cuts out the middle man- Farmers can make more profits, allowing us to keep farms healhy and OPEN. Farmers are really struggling in these socioeconomic times as well. Which is bogus. We all need to eat real food still. Remember, NO FARMS NO FOOD.
  • Did I mention...easy? Yeah.

Here's my box for this week. I don't really like fruit so I specified that I like the "Box for One" with all veggies instead of fruit. I couldn't even fit everything in the picture. What a score for $27.
For you locals: Organics To You is just one distributer you can go through. Spud! is another one.
Trivers friends: Talk to Lynne Prucha at Waves Wellness Center- she organizes a local farmers drop-off site at her business on Washington Street. SO worth it!
Or you can talk directly to the farmers in town for an even better transaction. I would prefer to do it this way but a lot of veggies aren't in season yet.. Organics to You works with organic farmers locally but also in California during the off-season in order to fill the box. And I'm cool with that. Cali isn't that far and I have a lot of farmer friends down there I'd still like to support :)

Wanna be even more sustainable?